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Freedom or bondage – where are you in your ED journey?

When I think of an eating disorder I think of a small, tight place – a place of confinement or bondage – where one feels driven and constrained; where there is little joy, light, peace or hope. When I think of recovery from an eating disorder I see a wide, open field – a spacious place […]

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Self acceptance is key to body acceptance

I believe body acceptance reflects self acceptance; that how we feel towards, think and value our “selves” is the key to how we treat our bodies. I also acknowledge that social and cultural values strongly influence the communities, families and groups we belong to and thus affect how we value our bodies and our selves. […]

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Emotional Nurture for Anorexia

I just listened to an interview on Hack radio regarding ‘Treating Anorexia.’ Canadian professor Louis Charland (?spelling), Philosopher of Science and Bioethicist, was speaking with Sarah McFee about the merits of treating anorexia as a “passion” (an affective disorder of  feelings rather than thinking). He said current cognitive therapies are “just not effective enough” and […]

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