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Self acceptance is key to body acceptance

I believe body acceptance reflects self acceptance; that how we feel towards, think and value our “selves” is the key to how we treat our bodies. I also acknowledge that social and cultural values strongly influence the communities, families and groups we belong to and thus affect how we value our bodies and our selves. […]

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Building resilience in our kids & young people

I was reading a newspaper article this morning about the doubling rates of anorexia in young people under 14 years of age in the UK. We have similar figures in Australia. I thought I’d share some thoughts about how can we (adults) can help build resilience in our kids and younger people. Here are a few […]

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Anchoring our security in troubled times

Following on from the last episode (where I spoke about some of the factors I believe are giving rise to the increasing prevalence of eating disorders and disordered eating in our communities), I want to say a little more about the importance of the roots of our security going deep into a foundation of unconditional […]

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