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Key truths that take us forward in life 2

In this podcast I explore the lie at the heart of an eating disorder – how it starts in seed form and develops over time, being reinforced by the food control ‘solution.’ I explore why I believe human and divine connection is so important in breaking through the lie and helping a person move towards […]

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Key truths that take us forward in life 1

I believe there are a handful of key truths that (experienced) will take us forward into LIFE, and that are essential to the health and well-BEing of every person.  These truths relate to our core needs to know we have worth and value, that we are loved and lovable, and that we can experience security […]

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(Re)establishing your worth and value

How do you re-establish your sense of worth and value when you don’t believe you deserve (or are entitled) to these things? The eating disorder lie that says you are not good enough/not worthy/don’t deserve to take up space, can shame, isolate, bind and blind a person to the point where it becomes very difficult […]

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The value of an ‘enlightened witness’

In the last episode I said that changing core beliefs requires more than just challenging our thinking. We need an encounter with truth that is experiential, life-affirming, full of grace and transformative. I shared how I experience this in relationship with the God who loves me unconditionally.  But another very powerful and healing relationship is […]

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How to challenge your thinking when you don’t like how you look

Have you ever felt so awful about the way you look you’ve stayed at home rather than going out with friends only to end up feeling worse about yourSELF and comfort-eating? Let’s use the ABC to catch and challenge unhelpful thinking in this typical disordered eating scenario. I welcome your feedback and questions. @mp_sparkes […]

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How to challenge your thinking when you lose control

Have you ever found yourself reaching for food, comfort eating or bingeing like you’re on autopilot? Before you know it you’ve gone down a track you never intended and it’s not until you stop eating that the resultant anguish and emotional turmoil hits you, and if you don’t take hold of your thoughts right here, […]

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