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Getting beneath the binge 2
When we explore what's going on inside us in the lead up to a binge it helps makes 'sense' of[...]
Getting beneath the binge 1
Bingeing isn't just (or even mostly) about physical hunger, although if we're not giving our body sufficient food on a[...]
3 Pillars to Freedom
There are a number of things to embody and embrace (skills to learn, knowledge to apply) to get free from[...]
Self and body esteem – how they connect
If embodying value is the first pillar to freedom from disordered eating; experiencing your body as home (not object) is[...]
What makes you valuable
Here are three things that can help you value yourself in ways that are life-affirming and health promoting: Understand your[...]
Why we binge and what we can do about it
We binge because we’re hungry –physically, emotionally, spiritually We binge because we’ve been restricting - possibly even starving ourselves -[...]
Michelle Sparkes is a physiotherapist and professional counsellor specialising in eating disorder recovery and whole person health promotion. A long-term recovered survivor of anorexia, EDNOS and binge-eating in her teen and early adult years,  Michelle is passionate about helping individuals recover from these health and life consuming problems. Send your feedback and questions to