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Small Group Program

Exciting news!

As of June 2017, the Women Worth their Weight structured Small Group Program is now available as the 4x4 Freedom Express providing both face to face and online options.

The Women Worth their Weight structured Small Group Program (SGP) comprises 8 x  1.5 hour ‘core’ sessions designed to help women (16 years +) explore and begin to address key issues common to disordered eating problems.

The WWTW SGP is:
•confidential and supportive
•holistic, educational and interactive
•focused on practical solutions
•limited to 6 participants
•suitable for women 16 years+

The SGP takes a whole person, whole health approach to  ED development and recovery encompassing bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual dimensions of health and well-being.

More intensive support will likely be required for those who fit the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder &/or who are medically unstable.

A complimentary phone or Skype interview is used to assess each case and to make appropriate referral where required.

The face to face program is currently available in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches. Requests for service out of area (or for groups addressing younger women) will be considered upon application. 

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I would say it is the best help anyone has ever given me with my eating disorder. It is good because nothing is left out. You get help in all areas of the eating disorder - physically, mentally and spiritually.
Vanessa age 19      
For me (the ED) was real a mental stronghold and by identifying specific mental beliefs I found huge breakthrough. It has radically changed my thought process and I have received so much freedom.
Mary age 22              
I have had a massive change and know that this will continue. I would say that it definitely has been the best help I've had to deal with this problem. It really makes a difference that the course presenter has been through the problem themselves.
Fiona age 23            
Fantastic -- life changing -- hard work. The light switch has come onto all the unhelpful behaviours and lies. I know it's a journey however WWTW has given me all the tools I need to keep moving forward.
Glenys age 32
For the first time someone has made some sense of the way I eat. The course helped me understand my eating behaviours and the underlying issues. It gave me some real strategies for fighting the lies I have lived by for my entire life.
Ali age 34                  
This course has changed my life. I have discovered deep root issues that have haunted my thinking for years. I have learnt how to put boundaries around my world and how to ensure my soul is fed. (It has) given me very practical ways to overcome mindsets and beliefs. The 10 weeks have been priceless.
Emmie age 26                  

I can see such a significant change in my thinking and how I see myself. I’m not so critical and I don’t hate myself. I’m more accepting of myself. I’ve gotten stronger in relationships. I say what I want and expect and I don’t feel so walked over and weak. I know I can’t take the blame for the way people deal with their problems or moods. I don’t take offence as I used to. I’m growing. I find it easier to deal with. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Izzy   age 24