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Small Group Program

Exciting news!

Women Worth their Weight (Structured Small Group) Program is now available as the 4x4 Freedom Express (Guided Recovery) Program providing both face to face and online options.

The 4x4 Freedom Express is an evidence informed guided recovery program that takes a wholistic approach to eating problems and provides participants with the knowledge, skills, guidance and support essential to recovery of health and nurture of body and SELF.

I believe...

Eating disorders and disordered eating problems reflect an attempt to deal with challenging self and life experience. Eating issues typically begin with food restrictions and a simple desire to feel better about one's self.  To recover from disordered eating we need to deal with the unhelpful behaviors that develop towards food, self and body as we take the path of food restrictions, as well as with the attitudes (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) that drive and maintain these behaviours.

The 4x4 Freedom Express (formerly Women Worth their Weight) Program has been designed by a recovered health professional to help individuals GET FREE FASTER.

Why spend a moment more spinning your wheels in bondage-ville? Freedom beckons. If you would like to access the program click here.

Options include:

Online self-paced ($197) +/- additional support 

Face to face Structured Small Group (8 week) program ($497)

For more information or to register your interest in the face to face program please contact Michelle using the form below, or directly :


I am so thankful that I came across this program and would definitely recommend it to others. I’ve found the online content, the groups, Michelle’s amazing support and the overall structure of the 4 keys is really breaking down walls for me and given me hope to continue towards recovery and a life without an eating disorder.


4x4 Participant


I would definitely recommend this program to others. The main reason is I believe in a short period of time I have already seen great results. The program presents understanding and skills that can be used to initiate recovery, assist in recovery and recovery maintenance.

4x4 Participant


The step by step structure of Michelle’s 4x4 course has helped me to clearly understand the direction and steps needed to reach my goal of freedom from hate towards my body and fear of food. My individual coaching with Michelle has been amazing in encouraging me to navigate a holistic approach to health that suits me. What sets her apart from previous people I’ve seen is not only her accessibility but her sincere understanding and genuine compassion for me to get better and live life to the fullest.    

4x4 Participant


When I arrived in Australia I had been battling anorexia for over two years. I had improved from my lowest point but it was still a daily battle. I had received various counselling in the UK but although helpful to an extent, it never really felt like it was getting to the heart of the issue. I was confused and struggling with my self-image, self-worth and identity among other things.  Women Worth their Weight (WWTW) really started my recovery - it addressed issues that I had not even known were roots of my problem. [It] helped me understand my behaviour patterns which now I can acknowledge and address - beforehand I had no idea why I behaved in certain ways and was not equipped with how to prevent myself from making unhealthy choices. 

Fiona, 22

Fantastic -- life changing -- hard work.  The light switch has come onto all the unhelpful behaviours and lies. I know it's a journey however WWTW has given me all the tools I need to keep moving forward."                       

Donna, 32..


Women Worth their Weight Participant


I would say it is the best help anyone has ever given me with my eating disorder.  It is good because nothing is left out.  You get help in all areas of eating disorder - physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Vanessa, 19

I have had a massive change and know that this will continue. I would say that it definitely has been the best help I've had to deal with this problem.  It really makes a difference that the course presenter has been through the problem themselves."          


Fiona, 22

This course has changed my life. I have discovered deep root issues that have haunted my thinking for years. I have learnt how to put boundaries around my world and ensure my soul is fed. (It has) given me very practical ways to overcome mindsets and beliefs. The 10 weeks have been priceless.      


 Emma, 26

/ Women Worth their Weight


For the first time someone has made sense of the way I eat. The program helped me understand my eating behaviours and the underlying issues. It gave me some real strategies for fighting the lies I have lived by for my entire life.                          

Ali, 32

I can see such a significant change in my thinking and how I see myself. I’m not so critical and I don’t hate myself. I’m more accepting of myself. I’ve gotten stronger in relationships. I say what I want and expect and I don’t feel so walked over and weak. I know I can’t take the blame for the way people deal with their problems or moods. I don’t take offence as I used to. I’m growing. I find it easier to deal with. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.       

Izzy, 26

It was evident that [Michelle] was  willing to go the extra mile to help me!

A perfect example of this is her 8-week course titled ‘Four Keys to Freedom’. This was made available to myself as well as other patients with eating disorders. I attended these group therapy sessions on Saturday afternoons and found them extremely valuable. Again, the content presented by Michelle was very relevant. There was ‘work’ to do and it always felt like she wanted us to recover as much as our own parents would.

Jacqui, 2

Women Worth their Weight