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Support Group

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WOMEN WORTH THEIR WEIGHT is a support group for women (aged 16 years+) with eating, self and body-image concerns.

The aim of the group is to help participants develop resilience and skills to combat unhealthy attitudes and behaviours towards food, body and self in order to flourish in life.

Facilitated by a physiotherapist and professional counselor with lived experience of anorexia, EDNOS and binge-eating the group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in the upstairs studio at Manly Village Church (details below).

‚ÄčThe group is not suitable for individuals experiencing physical or emotional crisis. Individuals experiencing crisis should contact their GP, or phone Lifeline on 131144, or present themselves to their nearest hospital emergency department. If life is in danger phone 000 immediately.

GROUP FORMAT:  After a brief welcome and introductions, participants will have the opportunity to discuss a relevant topic or challenge and it's application to their personal situation. Recovery focused options will be explored as appropriate. Topics, questions or concerns can be suggested to the group facilitator in advance using the registration form below.

GROUP RULES:  We expect participants to maintain confidentiality and treat each other with respect. What is shared in the group stays in the group. The only story you are permitted to share outside the group is your own. You do not have permission to share the name or personal details of any participant outside the group at any time. We listen to each other and value one another's unique experiences and perspectives. We use"I" language when addressing one another. Participants are required to bring a signed copy of the Group Rules to their first group session.

GROUP SIZE: 4 participants minimum - 10 participants maximum

WHEN: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month (7.30 - 9.00PM)

WHERE: Manly Village Church (upstairs studio) 4 West Esplanade Manly (Eustace Street entrance).

COST: $20 per person. Please confirm your registration with payment not less than 48 hours in advance. If the group needs to be cancelled for any reason you will be notified not less than 24 hours in advance of the groups expected start time and your registration payment will be refunded.

Payments can be made to: | Michelle Sparkes | BSB: 112 879 | Account: 062036199   {Please write 'SG' and your name in the description to assist with group administration}

REGISTER your interest or leave a message using the form below.  {Please note registrations will not be complete until payment has been received and confirmed}.