Fast-track your way to FREEDOM from eating (self & body) concerns

with the guidance of a Recovered Health Professional

Are you...

Tired of spinning your wheels on the food and weight control treadmill?

Hungry to feel more self-accepting and comfortable in your skin?

Ready to try something new to manage the challenges you experience?

The 4x4 Freedom Express (formerly known as Women Worth their Weight) is an evidence informed guided recovery program that will get you off the food and weight control treadmill and heading for freedom by the most direct route possible.

When we struggle with disordered eating we need help to deal with the unhelpful behaviors that develop towards food, self & body as we take the path of food restrictions, as well as with the attitudes (feelings, thoughts & beliefs) that drive and maintain these behaviours.

The 4x4 Freedom Express provides this

We need a wholistic approach that honors the way we're wired 
physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually.

The 4x4 Freedom Express provides this

We need an approach that is accessible, affordable and flexible, allowing us to get additional support if and as we need it.

The 4x4 Freedom Express provides this

As a Physiotherapist, Registered Counsellor and Emotion Focused Practitioner with lived experience of anorexia, EDNOS and binge-eating, I know what it is to struggle in this space and I know what it takes to get free. I have been using the material in this program to help women (16 years+) recover their lives from the grip of disordered eating for over 20 years.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to the people I've helped.

Ready to get FREE?

Get on board the 4x4 Freedom Express today.

4x4 Freedom Express

the most direct route to recovery

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