Fast-track your recovery from disordered

eating concerns


Say goodbye to bondage-ville

This simple 4x4 framework will help you get off the food and weight control "treadmill" and recover your LIFE.

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This program will help you if:

  • You feel fearful, guilty, driven, obsessed or out of control where food is concerned 
    Learn how food and weight control behaviours create these feelings and how you can break the cycle. 
  • You want to be free of disordered eating behaviours, attitudes and thoughts. 
    Implement the 4x4 approach to achieve sustainable long-term recovery from disordered eating concerns.
  • Your thoughts towards your body and self are negative and critical 
    Identify and  change the limiting, unhelpful thinking that creates & compounds low self esteem & poor body image. 
  • You are 18 years of age or older and willing to see a GP to optimise your recovery 
    This program is not a substitute for professional medical advice and support. Conditions apply. 
Flexible, affordable recovery support.
~ 21 videos and over 6.0 hours of video teaching, training & coaching support
~ 4 Key Worksheets, articles and downloadables  ~  Pre and post program questionaires to monitor change ~ Access to Private Facebook group
Individual and group coaching (online and f2f) also available. Fee information here.

What Others Are Saying:

Rachel W 

​"I am so thankful that I came across this program and would definitely recommend it to others. I’ve found that the online content, the groups, Michelle’s amazing support and the overall structure of the 4 keys is really breaking down walls for me and has given me hope to continue towards recovery and a life without an eating disorder."

Veronica C 

"I would definitely recommend this program mainly because in a short period of time I have already seen great results. The program provides understanding and skills that can be used to initiate recovery and assist in recovery and recovery maintenance."

Jacqui B

"It was evident Michelle was invested and willing to go the extra mile to help me. I found the group sessions extremely valuable. The content was very relevant. There was 'work' and it always felt like Michelle wanted us to recover as much as our own parents would."

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