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'Personal and powerful. I look forward to listening and sharing all [Michelle's] honest, informative and supportive podcasts." Aqua-A
"Michelle has such a passion for and heart for young women and the issues they face. I wish I had someone like Michelle to hear when I was a teenager."                     Deb Redwood, School Counsellor


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"Shone light deep into areas which I've only been able to scrape the surface of. Wish I'd read it earlier in my recovery journey."     Kaila, age 19​
"I would recommend this book to any clients struggling with these issues knowing that it is a great combination of accessible story along with sound advice" Julie Crabtree, Psychologist

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"Without [individual] counselling with Michelle I know I would still be struggling with issues that were beyond my comprehension." Fiona,  age 19 
"[Group work] radically changed my thought process and I received so much freedom." Mary, age 28
Hello Japan
Great to be back in the podcasting seat! I've been offline piloting the 4x4 Freedom Express and really enjoying the[...]
Why I do what I do
I traveled through an eating disorder in my teen and early adult years (as illustrated) and lost ~ 15 years[...]
Why and how hospital helped
In the last episode I was saying that in my experience of anorexia prior to my hospital admission, I had[...]
Connections That Heal
When you have fallen for, and are isolated by the lie that you are not worthy or good enough you[...]
To the young person struggling to accept yourself
Self and body acceptance go hand in glove. The message of EMBRACE may be a challenge for the young(er) person[...]
Embrace body diversity
Embrace is a wonderful documentary (film) that celebrates body shape, size, and ethnic diversity. The brainchild of Taryn Brumfitt, a[...]

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