Illuminating Anorexia

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"Illuminating Anorexia ~ a story to help you discover your own"

Tells the story of Michelle's journey through anorexia, EDNOS and binge-eating to find "a self worth living for" and is told from the unique perspective of one who is both insider and long-term recovered health professional.

First person narrative (including diary entries and case notes) places the reader firmly in Michelle's teenage shoes, with the gentle oversight and commentary of her older, wiser (recovered) self who can now SEE and articulate what was impossible then.

Michelle illuminates the predisposing and maintaining factors in her eating disorder, the conflict at the heart of her struggle with food and weight, the voices at war within her, the impact on self and family, and the factors that both hindered and propelled her along the difficult road to recovery.

Told with compassion and insight, Illuminating Anorexia sheds light on the path into and out of an eating disorder for those who struggle, and for those who care for them.

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I would recommend this book to any person who may be struggling with these issues knowing that it is a great combination of accessible story along with sound advice.

Julie Crabtree, Psychologist

This book was perfect for my place in recovery right now. I know if I would have read this book 3 years ago I could have avoided hospitalisation altogether.

Kristi, age 18

This book shone light deep into areas I have only been able to scrape the surface of. I wish I'd read it earlier in my recovery journey.

Mikaila, age 19

To be so completely let in to someone's honest experience with an eating disorder has made me feel a lot less guilty and ashamed of my own, especially the bingeing side of things. Practical tips were very helpful.

Jen, age 18

Breaks the mould of anorexia stories and helps to dispel the myth that every teenage girl who develops an eating disorder does so because she is driven to be thin. Should be essential reading for parents and partners of someone with an eating disorder and for anyone studying or treating these illnesses.

Kirsty Greenwood, Eating Disorders Foundation Victoria

I like this book. It really tells the odyssey of a long and complicated eating disorder like it is. I have often seen anorexia nervosa (and it's aftermath bulimia nervosa, binge eating etc) as a new religion and believe that it really functions like this for many sufferers. This is partly due to the spiritual bankruptcy of our society and the difficulty young people have in defining their spiritual dimension. I thought Michelle described this process very well.

Professor Janice Russell, Eating Disorder Specialist