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Keeping it simple – when labels don’t help

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged by an eating disorder ‘label’ or diagnosis this podcast will help you see that you are not alone, unusual or beyond help…and if you need more encouragement or ‘hard evidence’ get hold of my free ebook and begin your journey to freedom.

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Illuminating Eating Disorder Recovery

Freedom from disordered eating comes as we cease food restrictions and nurture body and soul. The first step on our road to freedom requires that we SEE that our current disordered eating behaviours, although originally well-intentioned, will never take us where we want to go. They will never bring us the inner peace, self acceptance […]

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Get unstuck from your ED with a Map & 4 Keys!

Have you ever felt like you would NEVER be free from your eating disorder or disordered eating experience? Have you ever wondered, “How on earth did I get stuck in this place where thoughts of food and weight (and exercise) consume me?! I didn’t start here. How did this happen?” i want to reassure you, you are not […]

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A map (or model) to help you SEE why the ED solution to the problem of pain doesn’t work

If you struggle with an eating disorder (ED) or disordered eating (DE) experience, the map (model) I developed in the late 90s will help you SEE why you struggle and what you can do about it. The ED ‘solution’ to the problem of pain will never never take you where you want to go. It […]

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