How I Work

I have been providing eating disorder recovery support to individuals for over 25 years. I can work with you in a counselling or coaching mode and can tailor a program to meet your specific needs. My goal is to help you get off the food and weight control treadmill for good and to achieve a measurable improvement in your eating attitudes, behaviours and self esteem in the shortest time possible. It all begins with a conversation.


Get In Touch

Call me to discuss your needs and objectives and let's see if we are a good fit for each other. This is a free 20 minute discovery call.


Initial Assessment and Planning 

If you decide to work with me I will gather some preliminary information and meet with you to take a deep dive into your individual needs and preferences in order to create a pathway and program that best suits.


Individual Recovery Program

We start working together in earnest. Exactly how this looks will be determined by step 2 but you can expect provision of resources and weekly individual sessions with me for  8-10 weeks before program review.


Amazing Progress

After years of trying to find an ideal psychologist, I was fortunate enough to get in contact with Michelle and immediately felt so comfortable with her (which is something I had really struggled in with past psychologists). Michelle has helped me tremendously with my binge eating journey and the progress I have made with her has been amazing. Definitely would recommend Michelle to any woman experiencing body image issues, she is so genuine and whole-heartedly invested in your progress!


Help to tame the inner critic

My absolute biggest challenge prior to working with Michelle was having self belief and taming the inner critic. I felt depleted. Working with Michelle I gained knowledge and awareness of the ED behaviours, tricks, manipulation and it’s criticism, judgement and negativity. I can see these thoughts, sometimes still there, but not a total self sabotage when I don’t do it right, or perfectly. I am more gentle with myself. Michelle is amazing, her program is so effective, it raises everything you need to know, it will certainly help if you’re struggling in this area.


Definitely recommend

I would definitely recommend this program [4x4 Freedom Express] to others. The main reason is I believe in a short period of time I have already seen great results. The program presents understanding and skills that can be used to initiate recovery, assist in recovery and recovery maintenance.


So thankful

I am so thankful that I came across this program [4x4 Freedom Express] and would definitely recommend it to others. I’ve found the online content, the groups, Michelle’s amazing support and the overall structure of the 4 keys is really breaking down walls for me and given me hope to continue towards recovery and a life without an eating disorder.


Clear direction and steps

The step by step structure of Michelle’s 4x4 course helped me to clearly understand the direction and steps I needed to take to reach my goal of freedom from hate towards my body and fear of food. My individual coaching with Michelle has been amazing in encouraging me to navigate a holistic approach to health that suits me. What sets her apart from previous people I’ve seen is not only her accessibility but her sincere understanding and genuine compassion for me to get better and live life to the fullest.


So thankful

I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this course [4x4 Freedom Express]. I was heading on a trip to see a friend and was totally scared about how to handle eating while there. I knew I needed to recover and that I couldn't do this on my own. Part of me questioned whether or not I was even worth it. Now only 3 months later, change has happened!! I feel so much better around food, frequently I am not engaging in eating disorder behavior and I feel so much better about myself-in fact I think that is the most important change. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and I am so thankful for this course---it has seriously changed me. I would totally recommend this course if you are struggling with food issues or eating disorder behaviors.


Very helpful

The 4x4 and individual counselling are  both very helpful but if you are doing both [together] they work so hand-in-hand. I loved especially being able to talk to you [Michelle] face to face because it was more personalised and you helped me in a more individual way. I found I experienced a lot of nurture in the way you worked with me face-to-face.


Very helpful 

Michelle’s 4x4 Freedom Express is a wonderful tool. The text and PDF’s are clear and concise, with very helpful visuals. The videos are a great complement to the text. Michelle’s true character shines through as a relatable and approachable friend; like someone you would feel safe confiding in. Breaking it all down step by step (or key by key) as Michelle has done truly helps to take some of the overwhelm out of the journey to recovery. 


Highly recommend

I highly recommend Michelle’s counselling. She is a really beautiful woman and she is incredibly knowledgeable. She has helped me so much in the 8 months I have worked with her. She is very supportive and has an incredible knowledge base to be able to guide you through what you are suffering with.


Right choice

I knew I made the right choice to consult Michelle as every time I would go to see her I felt warm inside and safe with her and after seeing her. No matter the pain, no matter the tears and the difficult unpacking process of addressing the eating disorder and my distress, Michelle provided me with a secure, empathetic, and completely open-minded environment. Not only did she listen carefully but she also truly cared for me and she knew and felt every time my state of mind and what I was able to work on. I live in Europe now and I can say that my eating disorder is "gone" however I still struggle with ongoing depression. Out of all the specialists I have seen in France, England and Australia Michelle is the one I would keep seeing if I lived in the country as she is not just a counsellor, she is a caring and loving human being and truly wants people to be the best version of themselves. Thank you Michelle, from the bottom of my heart.


Recommend in a heartbeat 

I found Michelle would go over and above the standard expectations which I did not receive from previous counsellors. It was evident that she was not just sitting and listening to me in our sessions but was invested and willing to go the extra mile to help me! I would recommend Michelle in a heartbeat! She is highly professional, practical, invested and warm-hearted. You are sure to feel safe and cared for as well as informed and equipped to recover from your eating disorder whatever stage of your journey.


Helping me feel safe

I feel very comforted and encouraged in our sessions. You are helping me feel safe during our discussions; you are never pushy with me to go down a path that feels painful or uncomfortable and I appreciate that.


Significant change

I can see such a significant change in my thinking and how I see myself. I’m not so critical and I don’t hate myself. I’m more accepting of myself. I’ve gotten stronger in relationships. I say what I want and expect and I don’t feel so walked over and weak. I know I can’t take the blame for the way people deal with their problems or moods. I don’t take offence as I used to. I’m growing. I find it easier to deal with. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.         


Invaluable expertise

We found Michelle’s expertise invaluable for our daughter and family. Michelle gave us a much better understanding of eating disorders and their impact on the individual as well as other family members. Her counsel and wise advice also included practical ways our family can provide support for our daughter. Michelle’s care for our daughter has been integral to her recovery and enjoying her life again.


Changed my life

I found counselling with Michelle very helpful. We were able to look closely at how I function and discover where things come from. That takes time and is really personal and could have probably not been possible in a group of people. It was truly wonderful and changed my life (even in just 6 hours).        


Changed my life 

Women Worth their Weight has changed my life. I have discovered deep root issues that have haunted my thinking for years. I have learnt how to put boundaries around my world and ensure my soul is fed. (It has) given me very practical ways to overcome mindsets and beliefs. The 10 weeks have been priceless. 


Massive change

I have had a massive change and know that this will continue. I would say Women Worth their Weight definitely has been the best help I've had to deal with this problem.  It really makes a difference that the course presenter has been through the problem themselves.      


Life changing

Fantastic -- life changing -- hard work.  The light switch has come onto all the unhelpful behaviours and beliefs. I know it's a journey however Women Worth their Weight has given me all the tools I need to keep moving forward.



Michelle provides information to help you understand why you feel the way you feel. She provides strategies to help rethink your behaviour and re-frame the thinking associated with disordered eating. I listen to her [podcasts] often and apply her advice to my life. It's especially helpful for body image issues. Grateful to have access to her tools here and online.    


Best help

I would say Women Worth their Weight is the best help anyone has ever given me with my eating disorder.  It is good because nothing is left out.  You get help in all areas of eating disorder - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


More empowered, confident and free

I feel more empowered, more confident and free and I know that that’s the whole end goal of your program and I really get that now. And it feels like the scariest most non-freeing thing when you’re faced with [the choice of recovery] but it’s amazing how that word captures how you feel on the other side if you just allow yourself to get there.


Exactly what my heart is needing right now

I was listening to your self-worth podcast and I absolutely love it. It’s exactly what my heart is needing right now. I also wanted to let you know that I have a relationship with my creator and I love how you talk him in your podcast. I’ve gotten so much from your podcast, videos, and book. I’m on a journey of healing and I believe God intertwined our lives for that healing.


Clarity and compassion

Thank you for your podcasts and the free download of your book.  I am just in the beginning phases of recovery. There has certainly been lots of denial, but one day while listening to one of your podcasts I found myself physically frozen as I related to parts of your story. It was like seeing myself for the first time. Having you separate anorexia from other behaviors and talking about why it seems to work in the beginning was what hooked me. Thank you for your clarity and compassion. Thank you for explaining how I could live with an eating disorder for so long and not see it in myself and not raise any red flags for my family or with my doctors. As I prepared to travel [recently] I knew I would be out of touch with my counselor, I decided to download several of your podcasts. I listened, and listened and listened...for 40 hours. I love the idea of learning to become comfortable in my own skin. I love your philosophies about being inherently given the right to take up physical space on earth. Thank you for reminding me that recovery is a choice I may have to make every day. As I am facing some difficult challenges this week, it is helping me to bravely meet those challenges when I remind myself that I am choosing recovery. It is my choice and it will be a great blessing to me and my family. With great love and appreciation for your words and soothing message.  


Integral to my healing journey 

Your podcasts were so integral to my healing journey. I listened to them all on my walks and felt that you were the first person who actually understood my eating disorder. You were so warm and compassionate that I was moved to reach out to you over email. I could not believe that you actually contacted me! I read both of your books about anorexia and they helped me also. For the first time I got a little hope that there was actually a way forward. We arranged to speak and we set up a time, even with you being in Australia and me being on the west coast of USA. You were so helpful and encouraging. I will be forever grateful. Again, thank you for your kind and compassionate heart.


Hope and a road to freedom

The 4x4 is full of such insight and compassion. To have someone who really knows what an eating disorder is all about and who cares about your struggles. Michelle wants to see you free from your disorder and has such knowledge and tools to really help you on your way to freedom. Through the teaching in this course Michelle has shone a light into the darkness of my illness and as the light has come on there is now hope and a road to freedom. As I went through the course and more light shone for me I kept thinking: "This makes so much sense!" What Michelle compassionately and with great care explains about ED/DE and how to get free from them just suddenly makes such sense to me that I have complete hope for total healing and know that I am well and truly on the path to freedom, which is somewhere I have NEVER been since suffering from this illness for the past 19 years. Thank you Michelle.


Essential to my recovery

Working one-on-one with Michelle was a very positive experience and essential to my recovery. It is clear from the start that Michelle is on your side. She is professional, yet at the same time totally relatable. She is kind, caring and non-judgmental as she talks with you. Through your conversations, Michelle helps you get to the root cause of what may be holding you back from healing yourself. She helps you reframe your thoughts so that you no longer experience your “triggers” the same way. Your recovery is a choice, and you ultimately [need] to make those choices every day, multiple times a day. It is Michelle’s kind and gentle voice that I hear throughout my day, each and every day, guiding me in the right direction. Making it through to the other side of an eating disorder is no small task. We all need help to achieve the ultimate goal - freedom. Michelle helped me get there, and I believe she can help you too.


Changed my life

Counselling with Michelle was truly wonderful and changed my life. I was just so glad that I could get help from such a professional, loving and wise person. I felt warmly welcomed and comfortable from the first moment on. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is struggling in the area of eating disorders and needs guidance to find a way out.


Personal and powerful

Michelle gives us a personal and powerful insight into a debilitating disease that touches many people in some way. In the most caring and respectful way she gives voice to those suffering in what can be a very lonely nightmare and strategies to those who support. I have read Michelle's book and was so impressed at the way she expressed her vulnerability, authenticity and courageousness. I look forward to listening and sharing all her honest, informative and supportive podcasts.

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