Group work


I am so thankful that I came across this program and would definitely recommend it to others as I’ve found that the online content, the groups, Michelle’s amazing support and the overall structure of the 4 keys is really breaking down walls for me and given me hope to continue towards recovery and a life without an eating disorder.

Rachel W

4x4 Freedom Express participant

Online Program


I would definitely recommend this program to others. The main reason is I believe in a short period of time I have already seen great results. The program presents understanding and skills that can be used to initiate recovery, assist in recovery and recovery maintenance.

The content is delivered in a way that is easy to understand and relatable with each key building upon the next.

Veronica C

4x4 Freedom Express Participant

Individual work


Knowing that Michelle had first hand experience with an eating disorder gave her practice an extra element of value. She would always follow up our sessions with an e-mail or text message of encouragement and support and provide content that was relevant to my stage of recovery. I found Michelle would go ‘over and above’ the standard expectations, which I did not receive from previous counselors. It was evident that she was not just sitting and listening to me in our sessions, but was invested and willing to go the extra mile to help me!

Jacqui​​​​​ B
Individual counselling client


A unique guided recovery program that will help FASTRACK YOUR RECOVERY from
disordered eating (self and body) concerns.

face-to-face (small group) and online format available

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Individual Counselling, Coaching, Consultation - face to face and via Skype

4x4 Freedom Express  Recovery Program  

Holistic (whole person/whole health) 8 week program focused on practical skill development. 

(Face to face and online format available. Small group format previously known as Women worth their Weight). 

Professional Fees*

Individual coaching $125 per hour

Small Group Program $497 (8 weeks)

Online program $197 (click *  for details)

iTunes Podcast - free  audio support.

Seminars  Training, Speaking - upon request

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