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Why I do what I do

I traveled through an eating disorder in my teen and early adult years (as illustrated) and lost ~ 15 years of my life spinning my wheels on the eating disorder treadmill because I couldn’t SEE what I was dealing with or why I was struggling and I didn’t have the knowledge, skills or support to […]

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Key spiritual foundations

The 4th component of each of the 4 keys (in the 4×4 Freedom Express) is a spiritual component and I believe it’s foundational to getting whole and FREE in any area of life. I adopt a Christian worldview in that I believe human beings (and the world we inhabit) are CREATED, and that influences everything I […]

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ALL STOPS train or Freedom Express?

If you’ve ever taken an ALL STOPS train or bus to get to your destination you will know it takes forever and stops at places enroute you have no need or desire to visit…all of which takes precious time from you reaching your destination. Time lost on a train journey may not be significant but when […]

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Supercharged support to get free from ED mindset

The most powerful truth I know to help you get FREE from an eating disorder is to know (by experience) that you are loved, desired, of inestimable worth, chosen. You may never have experienced these things, and if you’ve been on the ED treadmill for a long time, the lies you’ve believed may blind your […]

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Get unstuck from your ED with a Map & 4 Keys!

Have you ever felt like you would NEVER be free from your eating disorder or disordered eating experience? Have you ever wondered, “How on earth did I get stuck in this place where thoughts of food and weight (and exercise) consume me?! I didn’t start here. How did this happen?” i want to reassure you, you are not […]

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