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Why I do what I do

I traveled through an eating disorder in my teen and early adult years (as illustrated) and lost ~ 15 years of my life spinning my wheels on the eating disorder treadmill because I couldn’t SEE what I was dealing with or why I was struggling and I didn’t have the knowledge, skills or support to […]

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Inspiring People: Kelly McJannett CEO Foodladder

This series is designed to inspire you and help you dream again; to recover the hopes and aspirations deep inside you that may have got lost in your battle with an ED. When your eyes are cast down, lost in the life-consuming territory of an ED, you need a vision of the future that will […]

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Recovery is not quick or easy but worth it

When I speak about the 4×4 Freedom Express I’m not suggesting that recovery is quick or easy. I don’t believe it is. I do believe it can be a wonderful journey however and I AM suggesting there is a more direct route to be taken than spinning your wheels  losing time, life and opportunity on […]

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Articulating the Anorectic Struggle

When we’re in the midst of anorexia it is very difficult to articulate the struggle we experience within. Our behaviour towards food and body reflect our inner experience (and are highly expressive) but not in a way that most people will understand. I wrote Illuminating  Anorexia to help bridge this gap, to provide a “window in” […]

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Free to be loved

Free to be wrong and free to be loved…woohoo! Bring on the freedom. This is a continuation of the previous post. Amazing, wonderful, mysterious, sublime how the realities of life, the vulnerability, the humbling, the movement down from our lofty ideals and self-importance are the very means by which we rise and are liberated to […]

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Free to be wrong

One of the most liberating experiences of my life is to know and accept my frail, flawed, finite humanity. It reads like a misprint doesn’t it? As human beings we often spend much of our lives ‘protecting’ ourselves from this vulnerable reality but I have discovered it to be the very bedrock of  freedom. And to […]

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Building resilience in our kids & young people

I was reading a newspaper article this morning about the doubling rates of anorexia in young people under 14 years of age in the UK. We have similar figures in Australia. I thought I’d share some thoughts about how can we (adults) can help build resilience in our kids and younger people. Here are a few […]

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