Inspiring People: Kelly McJannett CEO Foodladder

This series is designed to inspire you and help you dream again; to recover the hopes and aspirations deep inside you that may have got lost in your battle with an ED. When your eyes are cast down, lost in the life-consuming territory of an ED, you need a vision of the future that will draw you forward, like a rope attached to an anchor out of the quagmire of your ED and into your future. Freedom beckons and that freedom has context.  Within these stories of inspiration and dreaming, lie principles and keys to help you on your journey (things like vision, knowledge, focus, perseverance, courage, support), because like the journey of a dream, your recovery will meet challenges and opposition. Beyond the vision of freedom (from an ED), I pray these stories bring to your remembrance the hopes and dreams buried deep inside and long forgotten or perhaps never truly awakened, that will give your freedom context.

When the dream is bigger than the pain, we will push through.

My guest today is Kelly McJannet, visionary CEO of Food Ladder, a wonderful young lady heading up an outstanding not for profit organisation, doing extraordinary work to feed some of the most impoverished and disadvantaged communities around the globe, including here in Ramingining, Australia’s East Arnhem Land. In the process, Foodladder creates jobs, hope, passion, purpose and food security in these local communities, building a legacy of social capital that is impossible to put a price on. Kelly has so many good things to say. One of the key principles I heard Kelly repeat time and again in our interview, was the importance of having a clear vision of why you’re doing what you’re doing and the knowledge to backup your strategy – this is like a compass that keeps you heading true north, resisting the distractions and helping you to hold your position against opposition, discouragement and disillusionment. These principles have tremendous application to the recovery journey from an eating disorder and form the basis of the 4×4 Freedom Express. If you want help to get free from your ED, you know where to find me.

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“Food ladder uses the most effective technologies to feed the most disadvantaged communities in a global social enterprise movement.”

Kelly McJannett, CEO FoodLadder

2016 Winner, Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women (Social Enterprise and Not For Profit)

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