Help to fight the ED voice

When the ED voice (the bully in your head) is making it hard or impossible for you to take in the nurture you need to survive and thrive you need help.  You need other people to come alongside you and help you fight the lies and the fear that paralyses you SO THAT you can take in the food you need to survive and thrive. If you can’t do this on your own, you need help. A doctor, counselor and dietician at a minimum and if you’re still unable to make headway with this level of outpatient support, you will need more intensive inpatient support. There is no shame in this. This is how an ED operates. As you starve the body your ability to think clearly and rationally about your situation will be compromised. Your thinking will become more inflexible and polarised. As shades of grey are lost and rational thinking erodes, the fear and terror engendered by the ED voice grows. But that voice is a liar. It operates on falsehood. In this podcast, I simply want to be a voice in your ear that counters that lying voice and fear.  To give you a statement that you can fight back with. You will need more help than this. But I believe this will help…

When the ED voice (the bully in your head) is giving you a hard time, speak back to it and say: “You’re a liar. I deserve to eat. As I look after my body, my body will look after me.”

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