You deserve to eat

When you’re fighting anorexia, you become afraid to eat. The terror of losing control and getting fat is REAL and is created by the eating disorder itself.  I want to tell you, food is not your enemy; the fear of food and what it can do to you is your enemy.  The ED voice lies to you. It exaggerates and amplifies things from a black and white perspective that gets stronger the longer you buy into the ED (restrict food) ‘solution’.  You do not need to fear getting fat and losing control. AS you learn to look after your body your body will look after you. This is the truth. If you are struggling to eat enough good and nutritious food to survive and thrive you need HELP. One thing you can do right now is remember, you deserve to eat. Speak back to the ED voice and tell it, “You’re a liar. I deserve to eat. As I learn to look after my body, my body will look after me.” This really IS the truth. Feedback and questions welcome.


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