4x4 Freedom Express Individual Coaching Program

Get on the fast-track to recovery from disordered eating with this proven program and the coaching support of a recovered health professional and credentialed eating disorder clinician.

This 10 week program includes a comprehensive initial assessment and report, 8 weekly coaching calls and a post-program wrap and review.

You will be required to purchase the 4x4 Freedom Express program separately.* 

You can expect to feel better and achieve measurable results. Check out what's included below.

How it Works

Once you register for the individual coaching program, Michelle will contact you to arrange your initial assessment.

Week 1:  Initial Assessment and Report 

This includes preliminary information gathering and meeting with you to get a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances, strengths, hopes and challenges so that we can track exactly what we can focus on and achieve together in the coming weeks.

Weeks 2 to 9:  Weekly Coaching Calls 

You will begin working through the 4x4 Freedom Express.* You will be guided to work through this and any other materials identified as relevant during your assessment and our work together. You will meet with Michelle on a weekly basis to unpack, explore and process key learnings and work through any challenges identified.  For more information on program content and anticipated timeframes for working through the modules, email Michelle. She will guide you through the content as appropriate following assessment.

Week 10 :  Wrap-up, Review and Final Report

Michelle will gather relevant post-program information and compare this to your original assessment findings to create a report of outcomes. She will then meet with you for a post-program wrap-up and review. At the end of the 10 week program you can expect to feel better and to see measurable changes in your eating attitudes, behaviours and self esteem.

Pricing Plans


Pay for the full 10 week program.

(4x4 Freedom Express not included)