Eating Disorder Recovery – simple but not easy

Ever tried to get somewhere you’ve never been before without a map? Difficult isn’t it. But with a map, things become clear, you can spot the dead-ends and plot the most direct route to your destination. Miche’s Model is a simple visual ‘map’ I developed to illustrate how an eating disorder functions and why getting whole and free requires dealing with the ‘heart’ of the problem – our heart. Once we can SEE what we’re dealing with in an eating disorder, recovery becomes clear and simple…though not easy. This is infinitely better than confused, complicated and “are we even heading in the right direction?” You can get a free copy of Miche’s Model at my website. And if you’re ready to get off the eating disorder treadmill and head to freedom-land by the most direct route possible, the 4×4 Freedom Express will get you there. Special pre-launch offer at  Questions and feedback always welcome.


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