Freedom or bondage – moving forward

Freedom is a journey that has no end because it is a state of the heart more than anything else – and one can always be growing in one’s sense of inner peace and security.

Bondage on the other hand is a small, tight place that can get so dark and airless it threatens to snuff the life right out of you. Freedom has no end but bondage does. I want to encourage you (wherever you are in your ED journey), as long as you have breath, you have life and light in your veins and there is HOPE for your future because you have power within you to choose… and even when you feel like your ability to choose is on life support, the truth is, even the tiniest turning of your heart away from darkness towards light, away from self hate towards self acceptance, away from body/self punishing behaviours towards nurture OPENS the door for a fraction more…and so it goes…movements towards recovery. Stay tuned for more. Feedback and questions welcome.

© 2016 Michelle Sparkes  @mp_sparkes

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