No shame

Following up my last episode with SB, realise I got a bit feisty but I know that when a person is feeling too ashamed to reach out for human help they need to know at a deep gut level (deep in their soul) that they are OKAY as they are; that their reality is NOT too big or too broken for them to experience the liberating (& HEALING) truth and power of their loveability,  worthiness, and value. We’re all simple human beings, made of the same stuff and when we get beat up and broken by life events (or the ED voice), we can isolate and disconnect from the very human connections we need to make it through. We’re not designed to do life alone. We need one another. And when we’re battling, we need support. Shame will isolate and disconnect…this can be very dangerous. My message here and before is that their is healing power in both human and divine connection, but when we have lost our trust  in human connections, there is a divine connection we can dig the roots of our BEing into, and the experience of the love and acceptance found there, can hold us steady to sit in our skin and hold fast until a ‘safe’ human connection can be restored…’safe’ is in inverted commas, because in my view we’re all finite and flawed, well-intentioned but imperfect…so having that solid Rock of love and acceptance under our feet (in our WORTHINESS foundation) is key for all life and health. travel WELL.


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