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I recently uploaded “Escalating Conflict” – a chapter from my book describing the period when, after a few years on the restrictive path I clearly recognised my food control ‘solution’ was no longer working. It was now causing the parents I loved great concern. I was so conflicted – wanting to conform (to put on weight, to please mum and dad) but in being asked to let go of the food restrictions I was being asked to let go of the only way I knew of appeasing the accusing voice in my head and controlling my ‘bad” (hungry, greedy, needy) self. The tables were turning. My ‘solution’ was failing and I didn’t know what else to do.

I recorded this chapter in the hope it would help those travelling this path (& their carers), better understand and dialogue about the internal battle and developing voices.

I value your feedback and questions. This material may be better read than spoken. Let me know if it helps or what could make it more helpful for you.

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