Why we binge and what we can do about it

We binge because we’re hungry –physically, emotionally, spiritually

We binge because we’ve been restricting – possibly even starving ourselves – of nurture – physical and emotional

We restrict because we believe we don’t deserve (more food, love, affection, belonging) – or that we should be different somehow (better, perfect) – and until then, we’ll keep on the job of improving, perfecting, remodelling

Only we never arrive because perfection is impossible and external achievements cannot satisfy the heart’s hunger…to know and to rest in the truth that we are

Loved, valued, chosen, special

Regardless of our appearance, weight, performance, status, age, gender, occupation, ability or disability

We all hunger – we may not all binge on food (although many of us do) – but we all hunger- and we all try and quench that hunger in different ways.

So how can we stop bingeing on food?

  1. Understand bingeing is about hunger – physical, emotional, spiritual
  2. You will need to feed your body – regularly and appropriately – to deal with your normal physiological hunger. If you keep restricting, you will keep bingeing/losing control. Guaranteed.
  3. At the same time as you attempt to feed your body – regularly and appropriately – you will need to keep track of the situations and interactions that make it hard for you to do this –the emotional (thinking/feeling) and situational triggers that are driving your behaviours.
  4. You will need to be curious about and problem solve around these triggers – you may need the help of another person to explore and process what’s going on for you and how you can manage these challenge(s) in more health-full ways.
  5. You will need to feed your soul (with beauty, joy, connection – in ways that are meaningful to you) and anchor your spirit into the eternal truths of your worth and value.
  6. You will need to keep doing this for as long as it takes for you to feel like you’re living your life from the inside out – not driven by externals and other people’s opinions, but from a true and embodied sense of your God-given worth and value, a respect for yourself and others, and a desire to live from your heart, the best life possible.

All these elements are unpacked more fully in the 4×4 Freedom Express (Guided Recovery) Program.

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