A map (or model) to explain how eating disorders function

When pain comes our way it is natural to protect against it. And a very understandable way to protect against pain directed at the self or experienced within the self, is to try and control it. Food/body/weight control in this respect make ‘sense’ because it gives us a tangible way to make ourselves feel more acceptable, competent and in control. Initially it seems to work and we may receive a lot of positive reinforcement from family, friends and the culture at large (for being ‘successful’, exercising more ‘discipline,’ making ‘healthier’ food choices etcetera), BUT if we continue to rely on this strategy to deal with the ongoing challenges and stressors of life, our ‘solution’ can quickly spiral out of control and create the problem of disordered eating or an eating disorder. Miche’s Model illustrates this process. To view the model &/or to read more about it check out Illuminating Eating Disorder Recovery.

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