Articulating the Anorectic Struggle

When we’re in the midst of anorexia it is very difficult to articulate the struggle we experience within. Our behaviour towards food and body reflect our inner experience (and are highly expressive) but not in a way that most people will understand. I wrote Illuminating  Anorexia to help bridge this gap, to provide a “window in” on what’s going on inside the heart and mind of one who struggles with restricting and binge eating/purging anorexia, in the hope that it would help sufferer and carer find common ground and language, to fight fear (the real enemy of love and life) and find the path back to wholeness and freedom.

In this podcast and those that follow I speak about the experience of restricting anorexia transitioning into binge eating/purging anorexia. The chapters of my book that I have already podcast (Escalating Conflict and Growing Battle with the Binger) are well worth a listen in this context. I welcome your feedback and questions. @mp_sparkes

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