Beating the bully in your head

Have you ever found yourself getting beaten up by the bully in your head? Most people are familiar with this experience. It’s good to know how your bully operates. After five days cooped up at home trying to recover from flu I was aware of a sense of ‘time’ pressure building to complete some work. There was a legitimacy about the pressure because I have construction work scheduled  next door and a houseguest arriving in 2 weeks so my window for getting this work done was closing.  However, the bully never operates in reason. He appears when I’m vulnerable, makes a mountain out of a mole hill, loads up the pressure, stacks on the problems, hypes up the harm and is hard to shut up unless I take the upper hand… and this morning I was getting whipped. My reserves were down and my usual responses weren’t working. I could feel myself growing anxious and exhausted.  This is what I did. It worked for me and I hope it helps you or someone you care about in those moments you find yourself getting beaten by the bully in your head.

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