Beating Anorexia

The reason I’m so heated about worth, value and security is because a revelation and experience of these foundational truths deep in your soul will set you free from the lies at the heart of anorexia and other disordered eating experiences. Tall claim but true. Human love, valuing and connection is wonderful and healing (and I’m all for it) but because we are fallible, flawed and finite human beings, and we live in a fallen world (these two are connected), when the earth shakes and the mountains crumble – that is, when the solid ‘things’ in our lives change or are removed, including our relationships – we need a security that goes deeper. And we find it in a revelation and experience of our value and security in relationship with a God who designed us to know these things by experience. This in my view is the foundation of real and robust health and healing for the ‘whole’ person. © Michelle Sparkes 2016

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