Free to be wrong – Michelle Sparkes

Free to be wrong

One of the most liberating experiences of my life¬†is to know and accept my frail, flawed, finite humanity. It reads like a misprint doesn’t it? As human beings we often spend much of our lives ‘protecting’ ourselves from this vulnerable reality but I have discovered it to be the very bedrock of ¬†freedom. And to discover that I am loved and chosen in my imperfection is the jewel of the crown. The healing oil, the balm, the salve, the soothing and the most liberating and revolutionary truth I know…and continue to appreciate every day of my life. Welcome to some thoughts on freedom. Feedback and questions welcome. @mp_sparkes


About the Author

Michelle is a physiotherapist and professional counsellor with lived experience of anorexia, EDNOS and binge-eating in her teen and early adult years. Founder of Women Worth their Weight, and author of Illuminating Anorexia Michelle is passionate about helping people recover from these health and life consuming problems.