Message to a 13yo girl with anorexia

I started this podcast on a roll about freedom but I got sidetracked by a conversation with a mum who was concerned about her 13-year-old daughter with anorexia and the treatment approach that was being taken. This is my response including a message to her 13 year old daughter. In essence I believe a whole person approach is essential to helping someone recover from anorexia and other EDs. Part of this approach is tackling the eating disorder behaviours, and with anorexia this definitely means addressing the starvation as a priority. I believe it is equally important to (concurrently) address the underlying beliefs, thoughts and feelings that keep the restrictions and disordered eating behaviours in place. I know it is often put forward that the starving brain can’t think rationally, but I know I would have benefited from an approach that included accessing, educating and strengthening the healthy rational part of me that was bound up (but not absent) from my experience of anorexia. I welcome your feedback and questions. @mp_sparkes

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