Recovery is not quick or easy but worth it – Michelle Sparkes

Recovery is not quick or easy but worth it

When I speak about the 4×4 Freedom Express I’m not suggesting that recovery is quick or easy. I don’t believe it is. I do believe it can be a wonderful journey however and I AM suggesting there is a more direct route to be taken than spinning your wheels  losing time, life and opportunity on the ED treadmill because you don’t know why you’re stuck, where you’re going or how to get there.  If you’re interested in coming on board the Freedom Express feel free to contact me at Questions welcome.

About the Author

Michelle is a physiotherapist and professional counsellor with lived experience of anorexia, EDNOS and binge-eating in her teen and early adult years. Founder of Women Worth their Weight, and author of Illuminating Anorexia Michelle is passionate about helping people recover from these health and life consuming problems.