Self Esteem Vs Self Worth

Self Esteem Vs Self Worth. Are they different? How are they different? And what difference does that make? I believe they are different and that the difference is significant to our mental health and well being. Here’s why…

Self esteem refers to how we esteem (or value) ourselves and is made up of all our beliefs about who we are, what we can be and what we can do in the future.  Our experience of life shapes our self esteem (or self-valuing) which in turn, shapes our experience of life…for good or for ill. Self worth is more intrinsic and stable. It’s a reflection of who we are by design, unique, and I believe loved. Not only can we develop a healthy self worth, we can anchor it into a solid base of love and chosen-ness, that doesn’t change despite our shifting circumstances, experiences and beliefs.

As promised in the podcast, here is a link to the video teaching I do on this subject in the 4×4 Freedom Express. You can access the video here.

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