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Helping young people navigate porn culture

“Pornified messages are bombarding our young people and giving them distorted ideas about their bodies, about relationships, and about sexuality,” says Melinda Tankard Reist, in this podcast interview, “According to global research, (this is) making our kids very unwell.” We are seeing a rise in negative physical and mental health outcomes, eating disorders, anxiety and […]

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The problem with porn culture

Grace, a podcast listener asks, “Do you have any insight on the impacts of not only the media, but porn as well. For the folks in relationships (I am married, second time around) is it such an issue for most people with ED?  I recently found a great deal of it on a computer history […]

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When looking hot and sexy hurts

It’s 11.00pm on a Friday night. A bevy of gorgeous young girls pass me wearing the accoutrements of our popular culture. Tight jeans on long slim legs, high heels with teeny tiny mini skirts and tight tops revealing cleavage. Looking sexy, looking hot. Absolutely.  Wanting to be seen, desired, to belong, to be loved. Understandable! […]

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