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Get unstuck from your ED with a Map & 4 Keys!

Have you ever felt like you would NEVER be free from your eating disorder or disordered eating experience? Have you ever wondered, “How on earth did I get stuck in this place where thoughts of food and weight (and exercise) consume me?! I didn’t start here. How did this happen?” i want to reassure you, you are not […]

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Spiritual help for Anorexia & Eating Disorder recovery

When you’re battling the lies, self rejection and self destructive behaviours that come with an eating disorder you need natural and super-natural (spiritual) help to overcome them. I’m talking about light, truth, power and love…experiencing these things as more than a mental construct. We need help on all levels – biopsychosociospiritual. This one was key […]

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Escalating Conflict pt 2 – how the eating disorder voices develop

Part 2 in a series describing the escalating conflict and development of ‘voices’ I experienced as my anorexia progressed and my eating disorder “solution” became increasingly untenable. I knew I needed to eat. I hated feeling like a “burden” on my parents but the fear that drove my journey down the scales overwhelmed my rational […]

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A map (or model) to help you SEE why the ED solution to the problem of pain doesn’t work

If you struggle with an eating disorder (ED) or disordered eating (DE) experience, the map (model) I developed in the late 90s will help you SEE why you struggle and what you can do about it. The ED ‘solution’ to the problem of pain will never never take you where you want to go. It […]

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Eating Disorders 101 Radio Interview (pre DSMV)

This is a radio interview I did with Hamish and Emma on The Dip (94.5FM) prior to the relase of the DSMV. It covers some general info about eating disorders, definitions and differences, media influences, body image, the “perfection lie” and recovery. It should be noted the DSMV no longer includes the 85% expected weight for height […]

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Scratching the surface pt 2

Originally shot as video and available on YouTube, this is the audio from part 2 of a 3 part series exploring the precipitating factors that can lead into the development of an eating disorder. I draw on my personal and professional experience. The outcome is clearly unrehearsed and unpolished.  My aim is to scratch below […]

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