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The value of an ‘enlightened witness’

In the last episode I said that changing core beliefs requires more than just challenging our thinking. We need an encounter with truth that is experiential, life-affirming, full of grace and transformative. I shared how I experience this in relationship with the God who loves me unconditionally.  But another very powerful and healing relationship is […]

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When looking hot and sexy hurts

It’s 11.00pm on a Friday night. A bevy of gorgeous young girls pass me wearing the accoutrements of our popular culture. Tight jeans on long slim legs, high heels with teeny tiny mini skirts and tight tops revealing cleavage. Looking sexy, looking hot. Absolutely.  Wanting to be seen, desired, to belong, to be loved. Understandable! […]

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Why VISION is the master key to get FREE

Vision is the master key to get FREE from anorexia & eating disorder concerns because unless you can SEE where you are relative to where you want to be, chances are you won’t get to your destination. And if you’re stuck and can’t SEE what’s keeping you stuck, you’ll stay stuck. You need LIGHT and […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – simple but not easy

Ever tried to get somewhere you’ve never been before without a map? Difficult isn’t it. But with a map, things become clear, you can spot the dead-ends and plot the most direct route to your destination. Miche’s Model is a simple visual ‘map’ I developed to illustrate how an eating disorder functions and why getting […]

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Recovery is not quick or easy but worth it

When I speak about the 4×4 Freedom Express I’m not suggesting that recovery is quick or easy. I don’t believe it is. I do believe it can be a wonderful journey however and I AM suggesting there is a more direct route to be taken than spinning your wheels  losing time, life and opportunity on […]

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Free to be yourSELF

I love this quote by John Eldridge, “Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.”  It fits so well with the premise of Women Worth their Weight and the Freedom Express. I believe self acceptance is the key to overcoming disordered eating and developing health and life-affirming behaviours. […]

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