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Christmas reflection

When we are locked in the self hatred of the eating disorder ‘cage’ we need to experience ourselves as seen, known, understood, worthwhile, valuable, loved. Even when and especially in the midst of our most acute struggles. For me the heart of the Christmas message is about this. The sound quality of this audio is […]

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Restricting Anorexia and the tightening treadmill

Picking up from the last podcast (Why I differentiate Anorexia from other Eating Disorders), I want to now illuminate the experience of restricting anorexia, the tightening treadmill (see also TreadmillDiagram) and the movement from restricting sub-type to  binge-eating/purging sub-type. This movement within anorexia is not uncommon, and it can be easily misunderstood. I welcome your feedback and […]

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Spiritual help for Anorexia & Eating Disorder recovery pt 2

When you’re battling the lies, self rejection and self destructive behaviours that come with an eating disorder you need natural and super-natural (spiritual) help to overcome them. I’m talking about light, truth, power and love…experiencing these things as more than a mental construct. We need help on all levels – biopsychosociospiritual. This one was key […]

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